DJ Rama – An Overview of The Hospitality Industry and Its Differences with The Travel Industry

What do you mean by the hospitality industry? This is a question that most people cannot answer correctly. When it comes to hospitality and its relationship with hotels, you first need to define the term correctly. It is inevitably a broad term, and only a few people in the world can give you an accurate definition as to what the term “hospitality” means and how it is different from the travel industry.

DJ Rama – Understand the term hospitality with an expert

DJ Rama is the Vice President of the JHM Hotels that is located in the South Carolina area of the USA. He has several years of invaluable experience in the hospitality industry in the USA and widely respected by his peers for his business and leadership skills. When it comes to the term hospitality, he says that it refers to multiple businesses as well as services that are associated with customer satisfaction and leisure. It focuses on the concepts of enjoyment, luxury, experience, and is opposite to the services and businesses that cater to the essentials and necessities of people.

How does the hospitality industry differ from the travel industry?

He says that though the hospitality industry is closely connected to the travel industry, both of them are not the same. There are some subtle differences that you should be aware of between these two sectors. The travel industry is focused on those people that have traveled away from their homes or area of residence for a very short period. The hospitality industry, as mentioned above, focuses on the services that are related to customer satisfaction and leisure. This might include tourists as well as people who are not tourists. Locals, too, can bank on the hospitality industry to enjoy their spare time, and they come to hotels for entertainment, fine dining, or any other reason that is not associated with tourism.

Keeping up with the latest trends in hospitality

He says that the hospitality industry is diverse and includes hotels, motels, other accommodation types along with bars, restaurants, tour operators, and travel agents. However, some trends are common to every sector within the hospitality industry, and they need to be taken care of. It is here that the experience of the end customer counts. This experience is primarily the local experience when it comes to those who wish to feel something different in a way that is unique and authentic when they visit the place.

DJ Rama says these trends are dynamic and change every year, so businesses in the hospitality industry need to be aware of them. For instance, today, customers are informed about eco-friendliness, and they like to stay and experience places that promote products and services that are eco-friendly. Businesses within the hospitality sectors should take note of the above and ensure they take the appropriate steps to make their customers happy so that they keep on coming back to them and spread positive word-of-mouth about their businesses too!

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