Alexis Fecteau – Air Travel Suggestions for Beginners to Enjoy a Happy Flight!

If you are new to air travel, it is obvious that you will be scared when you are about to fly for the first time. Traveling is often stressful for beginners, especially when you hear not-so-good traveling accounts from friends and family. However, if you speak to professional experts from the travel and aviation industry, you will find them giving you some amazing tips when it comes to air travel for the first time. Most of these professionals share them online so that first-time travelers on a flight are prepared, and they can focus on enjoying the flight over being scared from the beginning to the end.

Alexis Fecteau – Make your flight a happy one with some simple tips

Alexis Fecteau is an esteemed professional in the travel industry and is the Director, Marketing at Boeing Company Limited in the USA. He says that travel is good for the body and the mind; however, in order to get to a new destination, you need to take the help of a car, flight, train, boat or ship. If you are new to traveling and about to board a flight for the very first time, you should not be scared about how it might feel like being high up in the air in the midst of clouds. This experience should be one that is memorable for life, and it should be a happy one for you to share with others. He says that air travel can really be exciting and fun with the following tips- 

  1. Arrive at the airport early- You might have heard about many people arriving at the airport at the last minute and racing through the terminal to catch their flights in time. Now, if you really wish to eliminate the pounding heartbeats and fear of missing your flight, make sure you arrive at the airport early. Check-in and roam around the terminals to explore the unique experience of being in an airport from the minute you leave your home with a happy thought that you will be traveling to a new destination soon. You should check-in online to save time, especially if you need to face traffic jams while traveling to the airport.
  • Packing- Do some research about the place you visit so that you pack wisely. Travel experts suggest you should travel light. If you have too many bags and baggage, you will feel tensed about managing them well. Take what you need and make sure you pack the essentials you need. When it comes to books, load them on your iPad or phone so that your bags do not become too heavy to handle.

Alexis Fecteau says that in case you are traveling with kids, make sure you carry some dry snacks like biscuits and small tiffin cakes for them. Though food and beverages are available on every flight, it is prudent to keep some snacks with you in case you do not get what you are looking for your kid on the food menu of the flight.

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