Gorilla Trekking- How to Enjoy to the Fullest

Nature is best thing to explore in the world. One can find out a lot of things to explore in the nature and you will never get the bore. One of the best things while exploring the nature is trekking and observing the plants and animals. While trekking things should be kept in mind is about yet measure our safety and health. You should take the proper safety measure like specialized trekking shoes and ropes and clothes you should carry with you. Also carry the proper amount of the food with you for trekking you will not want to be hungry all the time. So carry carbohydrate containing food and be energetic.

Making trekking an unforgettable experience

For gorilla trekking, have the proper safety measure and do not contain any of the dangerous items by which the gorilla become angry. You don’t want yourself to be hit by the gorilla or end up injured.  Also make plan on how much time you will take to rest and how much you will trek or in how much time you will cover how much distance. As, it is important to save time and energy for the trekking and exploring ahead. You can also try for hiring the private tour company on the gorilla trekking. As they will be well known with, the forest area and they know well about what and how to explore the area and where to find the gorilla. What is very difficult to find the gorilla with the babies? They are main attractive point of the gorilla trekking to which tourist attracts most. Also try to keep the camera in ready position you never know when the moment comes and you miss to capture it. So it is important to keep it ready and ready to click whatever you feel and whatever you want. Also carry the extra batteries with you because you will not get the charging point in the electricity is available and you don’t want your shoot and memoires left in between of the trip.

Things to carry along

You can use the various optical zoom and tripod stand to get the closer and higher resolution clear picture of the image. Also try to adjust the setting more prefer to the natural effects instead of any adding filters to it. Also carry the mesquite replant with you as you don’t want to get dengue or malaria when you are in the hospital. Carry the essential medicine and spray for your precaution and health like carry the analgesic tablets to get relive from the pain if you have from trekking. Carry the plenty of drinking water with you. Because water is the most important for person while trekking as your body looses the huge amount of water by sweat through skin. So it is important to drink water a lot. Also apply the sun blocking cream to the skin to prevent the skin from the sun burn and other harmful rays of the sun. You have to take proper care and safety during the trip even a slightest mistake can result to the injury or death.

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