Learn the Art of Cooking Thai Food from Professional Chefs

Thailand has always been one of the most popular and sought-after travel destinations for millions of people all around the world. Apart from everything that the country has on offer, Thailand is always on the top of the list for the majority of the food lovers from all over the world. The overall experience of having a variety of Thai cuisine is always overwhelming. So, if you are also eager to learn the art of making hot and spicy Thai food, simply visit Thailand and enrol for exclusive cooking classes from professional chefs.

The Traditional Thai Meal Comprises of –

  • Khao (steamed rice)
  • Sup (soup)
  • Kaeng Ped (bowl of curry)
  • Khrueang Chim (cooked vegetables)
  • Khong Nueng (Deep fried or steam fish)
  • Khawng Waan (dessert or sweet dish)

Thai cuisine is best known for its hot and spicy nature but not in every corner of the country. As you can see also that there is a mixture of different flavours in the Thai food so that everyone gets to please their taste buds.

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