Things Covered Under A Domestic Travel Insurance

According to the IBEF, the tourism sector in India employs around 8% of the entire population. This comes to around 41.6 million jobs, which turns out to be a major contributor to the GDP of India. In recent years, with an increase in disposable income, there has been a significant rise in the number of trips undertaken by Indian families.

However, while planning for a trip in a native or foreign place, it is advised to purchase a domestic travel insurance policy to secure your finances in case of any unforeseen incidents.

What is covered by the best domestic travel insurance in India?

  • Medical cover

On purchasing such an insurance cover, you can avail compensation against any medical bills generated due to treatment of injuries inflicted during your travels. Such covers include all your hospitalisation charges, diagnostic fees, medication expenses, etc. Note, however, the sum assured in case of such instances.

  • Protection against cancelled trips

If your trip is cancelled due to any reason, purchasing domestic travel insurance will help you to compensate much of the financial losses incurred due to cancelled flight tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. You can claim your insurance cover by reporting such an incident to your insurance provider; however, financial institutions or insurance companies usually require individuals to submit relevant documents verifying the cancellation of your trip.

  • Emergency assistance facility

During your domestic travels, you may face any difficulty, which might lead to increased financial losses. Such can be avoided by purchasing an insurance policy that helps to lower your expenses if you meet with any emergency on your travels on the road, hotel stay, trekking accidents, etc.

You can consider the Domestic Holiday Cover provided by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions for similar coverage terms.

If you are travelling in India and during your journey, you are faced with an emergency crisis situation, a leading insurance policy can accordingly grant financial assistance ranging up to Rs.50,000. Those going on a road trip can also opt for road trip cover insurance policy for additional financial security in the case of any roadside troubles such as vehicle malfunction, fuel costs, etc.

  • Home protection cover

Insurance companies also provide financial assistance against any theft or robbery which has been reported in the house of an insured Characteristic of a Traveller. In some cases, monetary aid is also extended by insurance aggregators against damages sustained to expensive items.

  • Baggage loss coverage

If your travel accessories are lost due to theft or misplacement, the insurance policy will help you with requisite financial assistance for the recovery and replacement of those items.

  • Card protection

If your wallet is lost due to theft or misplacement, it might lead to substantial monetary loss. Moreover, you may also become a victim of fraudulent activities. However, on purchasing domestic travel insurance in India, your stolen cards can be blocked instantly with the help of an instant remote blocking facility. You may also opt for a wallet care insurance plan to avail financial reimbursement against any monetary loss in replacing important items in your wallet.

These widespread benefits are available at affordable premium charges which you can avail with a domestic travel insurance online purchase which is offered at leading insurance companies in India. In order to go through a hassle-free claim process, applicants may be required to provide relevant KYC documents for verification and quick disbursal of funds.

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