6 Awesome Things to Do in India

India is the land well known for its rich cultural heritage. Every corner of this country had its history. India is well known for caves, palaces, temples, monuments and many more. It had a rich history of about 5 millennia back. India is well known for many colourful festivals which will make you feel awesome.

Here is the list of 6 awesome things to do in India:

1.Dip in Holi River Ganga:

River Ganga is considered as the sacred lake in India which wash away all the sins. It is the holiest place for 966 million Hindus in the world. During the sunrise and sunset, many prayers were offered to river Ganga. The major tourist attraction is Ganga Aarti which is the major tourist attraction. This river had a total of 88 ghats along with the historical city Varanasi. Boating is the major tourist activity during sunrise and sunset. You can even find the dolphins in Ganga. The major cities Allahabad and Haridwar are located along the banks of river Ganga.

2.Taste Indian Dishes:

Indian food is a mix of various cultures and religions. The food is made using extravagant species found in India. The cuisines are influenced by the invasion of Mughals, Europeans, middle eastern and central Asian countries. Jalebi, Kulfi, naan, dhokla are some of the traditional meals in India. The dishes also include a lot of vegetables, fruits, herbs and many more.

3.Enjoy the colourful festivals:

Many tourists are attracted by the colourful festivals of India. Every religion had its festivals. There will be even camel festival and kite festivals. Diwali is the famous festival celebrated in between October and November. It will be celebrated with diyas around the houses and streets. Holi is the colourful festival which is a resemblance of victory of good over bad. Holi will be celebrated with great pomp in Vrindavan. Many tourists from all over the world assemble here to witness this grand festival.

4. Visit Famous Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal is the world-famous monument and one of the world wonder. The shining white marble reflects the love of sha Zahan towards his wife. It took around 20,000 people to complete this construction for 22 years. It is an untouched beauty which must be visited in India. It is also recognised as the UNESCO world heritage site. It is a 17th-century architecture which is well known for Mughal’s architecture. It is located on the banks of the Yamuna river and must visit the place during full moon days.

5. Visit the Temples:

India is the land of temples with multiple deities. It is well known for arts, sculptures and architecture. Millions of tourists visit temples every day in India. Every street in India have at least one, be it large or small. This is because people in India who are very religious, and most follow their religion diligently. Shirdi, Tirupati, Meenakshi temple, sun temple, Jaganath temple, Somnath temple, Amarnath temple are some of the famous temples in India.

6.Enjoy the Elephant Ride:

Elephant ride is the spectacular thing one must enjoy in India. It was once used as a means of transport by royals and kings. Travelling by elephants is best to explore the thickest spots and forests in India. Elephant rides will be available in the regions like Jaipur, Amber Fort, Rajasthan, Himalayan region, Periyar wildlife sanctuary and many more. You must prefer to wear clothes that are skin breathable while riding on an elephant. Make sure to carry sunscreen, goggles, first aid kit, water while travelling to places like tropical regions and deserts. Make sure travel with luxury train Palace on Wheels to make your trip more memorable.

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