Visiting Huangshan in China

Huangshan City is an excellent Chinese base from which to explore spectacular mountain ranges and isolated Chinese villages or to stroll along ancient routes through terraced grape fields and tea plantations.

The main tourist attraction of the region is, without a doubt, the Yellow Mountains, where rushing water streams flow, the majestic peaks haloed by mist and their twisted pines clinging to the cliff.

Both the Yellow Mountains and the nearby villages are among the most popular themes of Chinese ink paintings.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xidi and Hongcun villages host the largest number of visitors to the region. Built in the Ming and Qing styles, these two villages reflect the unique way of life of the province.

For a more rural getaway, head south towards Wuyuan City. You can then see the water buffaloes laze in the rice fields and paths lined with wild flowers.

The fantastic mountainous landscapes and the very well preserved villages make Huangshan the perfect antidote to the tumults of the big cities of China.

Huangshan is about 400km from Shanghai. For a city in rural China, it is very easy to access with airlines, long-distance buses, and trains.

In summary, China is a beautiful place as can be seen from the beauties of its surroundings and Huangshan which is highlighted above as a tropical paradise of China. Today, China enjoys a great influx of visitors daily, and due to this fact, the authorities have further put in place a relatively flexible visa policy that allows nationals of many countries to enter there easily and without harassments.

To process an application for a China visa, travelers must provide some necessary information. This tends to include important documents such as:

  • A China visa Application Embassy Form
  • An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the application form
  • An original passport (without passport cover), on which will be affixed the China visa
  • A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)
  • If you do not have a sponsor in China, you will need to make a dated and signed letter confirming that you do not have a sponsor in China.
  • A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of China
  • A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least 2 nights of your stay in the country

Upon possession of the documents highlighted above, the applicant would be required to present same at the China  Consulate or Embassy. For tourists who desire to process their China  Visa without stress, Fly For Holidays is at your service.

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