3 tips for traveling with student debt

Rolling out of a colorful beach towel and onto endless ocean sands may seem like the perfect vacation dream come true – but if stressful student loan debt is bringing down your vacay budget, is your sunny fantasy really possible? Yes! But here’s the deal daydreamers, if you’re smart about your spending habits, student debt doesn’t have to stand in the way of your travel goals. Here’s 3 tips to keep your debt in check and your travel wheels in motion.

1.) Check out a consolidation

If high monthly payments are crushing your cruising fund, a consolidation may be able to help.  Those who qualify could see a significant reduction in their monthly payments – which could be as low as $0 bucks a month for some qualified borrowers. And lower payments, could equal more travel money. Get it?! If you’re not sure where to start, check out Docupop to find out which plans you may qualify for.

2.) Avoid Tourist Traps

The best and most affordable experiences typically don’t come from the high volumes touristy areas.  Instead of buying into the commercialized hot spots and pricey hotels, take a few steps off the beaten path.  Ask the locals about their favorite restaurants and places they recommend you visit. Maybe camp a few nights to really dig into nature.  You’ll experience more authenticity in the destination your visiting, plus it can definitely save you some cash.

3.) Sign up for a travel rewards card

If you don’t have a travel-based rewards credit card already, it’s might be a good time to look into one. If you use the card responsibly, you could rack up a ton of points which could save you some major money on flights, hotels, rental cars and more. For best credit results, limit your sign-ups and always pay your statement balance in full each month.

Happy travels!

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