5 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in Australia

One of the best ways to truly explore the culture, customs, and natural beauty of a country is to travel on foot. Australia is a perfect destination for all adventure-seeking nature-lovers around the world – it is a place filled with incredible natural sight and therefore discovering Australia must be on your bucket list! Experience the true essence of this amazing destination by conquering its most popular hiking trails! Scroll through to find out about the most scenic trails in the mesmerizing Land Down Under and prepare to be amazed!

Hiking through mesmerizing Queensland

If the road takes you to Queensland, don’t hesitate to take part in one of the amazing guided hiking tours to explore some of the most beautiful trails in Australia. Discover the magical world of pristine rainforest, visit ancient volcanoes, see the amazing rugged mountain ranges and be amazed by the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia’s World Heritage Area. Spot the rare Albert’ Lyrebird among the rainforest trees, listen to delightful bird songs and let the magnificent forest mountain ranges take your breath away with the spectacular views.

Opt for a 3 day guided walk and explore the Gold Coast Hinterland, a unique area of misty forests of 2000-year-old Antarctic beech trees. Discover the rugged mountain scenery, crystal clear streams, and lush palm-filled gullies during your guided walk through this spectacular World Heritage Area.

Magical Camel Trail

Start your hiking adventure on a Camel Trail in Chichester Ranges. One part of the trail used to be a camel road and that is why it is called the Camel Trail. The trail is about 8 kilometers long and it is situated between Python Pool and Mt Herbert (you can start from either end). It is reserved for the physically fit tourists and travelers so if you have experience with hiking through all sorts of trails head straight to the Camel Trail. The unique formation of Python Pool is perfect for refreshing during the hike because it is a waterhole edged by red rocks that is suitable for swimming.

Mysterious Blue Mountain trails

The National Pass, an impressive trek located in the Blue Mountains National Park is a perfect option for the experienced adventurers. This challenging trail will surely leave you speechless – you will enjoy its magical waterfalls, rapid rivers, panoramic views over the treetops, and the famous Grand Stairway!

You can also opt for a three-day walk to explore the mysterious Blue Mountains, from Blackheath to Wentworth Falls. Hiking in NSW state will provide the unforgettable experience while discovering the lush fern gully of the Grand Canyon. Take many photos from the rocky outcrop of the Ruined Castle because it is impossible to describe the beauty of the view simply using words! Let the Valley of Waterfalls at Wentworth Falls mesmerize you and make the hiking through the Blue Mountains a journey to remember!

Scenic Dove Lake Circuit

This walking track is located in Tasmania, at the base of Cradle Mountain and it is one of the most precious must-see and experience trails. The hike lasts for about two hours that makes it perfect for the adventure-seekers of all ages. Discover the base of the towering Cradle Mountain as the trail takes you on a journey that follows the boardwalk around the Dove Lake. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenic sights – Ballroom Forest, Glacier Rock, and the much-photographed Boatshed built in the 40s. Since it is relatively short and quick you can opt for a self-guided walk but if you are knowledge-thirsty adventurer you can opt for a guided tour where you will learn all about the region as you explore it.

Cape to Cape track for experienced adventurers

If you are ready for something completely new and you are an experienced hiker then the Cape to Cape track is the best hiking trail for you! It follows the ridgeline for 135 km and is located in Western Australia. You will go through Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and explore the scenery between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. It takes seven days to finish the walk but it is most definitely worth it! You will love the variety this trail has to offer – you will mostly follow the coast, but at times you will cross the beautiful golden beaches and even walk along cliff-top paths! The best part is that you can opt for a guided group or discover this amazing trail independently if you want peace and quietness.

Australia is one of the most beautiful places in the world that offers a specific combination of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. Start your journey hiking through some of the most scenic trails in this wonderful country and experience a true essence of nature. Discover the hidden gems of the Land Down Under and let them steal your heart!

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