Unusual Travel Ideas for Your Next Vacation

It’s never too early to start planning an awesome summer vacation. While you can hit the beaches or book a cabin in the mountains, why not try something a little more unique? The world is a fascinating and strange place.

There’s literally an island in Japan that’s made for cat lovers. Really, the cat population overpowers the human one. If that’s not your speed, there are tons of magical places you can visit in Athens, Greece.

These destinations aren’t the only thing that the world has to offer. Here are a few unusual travel ideas that you’ve got to check out.

Cat Island

If you’re a cat person, you’re going to want to hop on a ferry and Travel Tips to Tashirojima, Japan for one of the most unique vacation experiences of your life. Tashirojima is also known as Cat Island

As the name suggests, it’s an island where the cat population outnumbers the human one. A long time ago, the island’s main source of income came from silk. Unfortunately, silkworms are mice’s favorite snack.

That’s why nobody complained about the growing number of cats. Now they are seen as a symbol of good luck on the island. There’s even a shrine that you can visit.

Las Terrazas

If you’re looking for hidden travel destinations, Las Terrazas, Cuba has you covered. It’s a small community that you can’t move to unless you’re invited. The easiest way to become a citizen is to marry someone who already lives there or specialize in something useful like plumbing.

The good news is that you don’t have to be invited to visit. You can head to the old coffee plantation any time you want and do a little bird watching. If you need an escape from the heat, there are multiple lakes and a river that you can take a dip in. There’s also zip-lining and horseback riding.


There are tons of unconventional vacation ideas waiting for you in Athens, Greece. Check out the Magic Sphere of Helios. It’s a sphere that’s covered in odd celestial carvings.

Many people believe that it was used for magic rituals. If you want to catch a movie, go to Hadrian’s Reservoir.

Emperor Hadrian had it built to increase the city’s water supply. Now it’s a modern underground theater.

These aren’t the only unique things you can do in Athens. If you want to camp around and see it all, rent an RV from Lunatrips.

Unusual Travel Ideas That You’ve Got to Check Out

While you can hit the beaches or rent a cabin in the woods for your summer vacation, there are tons of unusual travel ideas that are waiting for you. There are several strange places in this world that are waiting to be explored by you. Don’t keep them waiting.

Of course, these aren’t the only interesting places in the world that you can check out. Venture to the travel idea section of our blog for more places to go.

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