Perfect Photograph – Essential Part Of Passport Application

Having a passport is kind of becoming mandatory, not only for international traveling, but also as a document for identification. This is the reason that more and more numbers of people are looking for ways as how to get a passport. Along with making direct applications to the State Department, you can endow the responsibility with a passport agency, which helps in acquiring passports along with dealing with different kinds of passport issues. Majority of the agencies also offer expedited passport services to customers at additional charges.

The first thing that is needed for getting a passport is a passport application. The application comes as a form, where all details need to be furnished in the truest sense. Supporting documents have to be provided in support of facts you state in the application form. Another thing that is very important is the photograph that is affixed. There are particular rules and regulations regarding the photograph and these have to be followed.

Whether it is getting a new passport or a passport renewal, without the right photograph, the application will be rejected. From research it has been deduced that imperfect photographs are a leading reason for rejection and cancellation of passport application forms. Reports have shown that in 2017 alone, almost quarter of a million passport photos were rejected. As a result, the application procedure gets delayed inordinately and that might hamper your travel plan in a terrible way.

Mentioned below are some important things which you must keep in mind regarding passport photos:

  • Photos which are taken 6 months ago

Most of us have a tendency of submitting any old photograph for the passport. But it is recommended to use a photograph which is not more than 6 months old. Verifications will be done to ensure that the photograph is recent. It is recommended to keep the old photos for some other purpose. There is no justification in affixing an old photo and getting the passport form rejected.

  • Size of the image

It is important to have the right size of the image when applying for passport or renewing the same. Therefore when it comes to passport photos, taking selfies is not the right option in any manner. Photos will be rejected if it taken from too far away or from too close. Also, there is a particular size in which the photo is needed along with specifications as what should be prominently visible.

  • Underexposed or overexposed photos

The right exposure is very important for passport photos. Underexposed and overexposed photos should be avoided at all costs. Some of the photos come to be too bright and some might have shadows on the face. These kinds of photos will also cause problems. The photo should be absolutely clear and the true skin tone should be reflected in the same. Refrain from using any kinds of photo filters in the passport photos. Such things look good only on pictures you post on social media.

  • Glasses

One of the restrictions which come with passport photos is that eye glasses are not allowed in them. However, many people still send passport photos wearing spectacles. It is recommended to remove your spectacles before clicking the passport photo so that your application does not get rejected on this particular ground.

  • Poor quality of the print paper

Printing passport photos on the right paper is important. Otherwise the photo might become grainy, blurred or pixelated. Passport photos should be in high resolution and as clear as possible. Hence, it should be printed on high quality paper.

Keeping these things in mind regarding the passport photos will minimize your chances of application cancellation or rejection to quite an extent.

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