Amazing sightseeing from windows on unknown Indian train routes!

Quite literally speaking: there cannot be a better way of seeing the “Real India” then on Indian trains. And when there more than 19,000 trains running across India on any given day, you know getting a confirmed PNR status would not be a problem! And as that lady, Nina Bennett, aptly put in words:

The beauty of the journey is found not in the destination, but in the scenery along the way.

So, Indian train journeys should not be treated as a mode to reach your next sightseeing destination. Every moment in the train compartment should be relished. With that thought in mind, let me tell you about some unknown scenic routes which leave you spellbound!

#1: Watching an Amazing Sunrise at Varanasi

Many international tourists make it a point to visit Varanasi, for its ancient ghats, holy temples and of course it’s popular Ganges worship. But even before you get down from the train, this holy city gives you a sneak into its beauty. When your train chugs away from the Mughal Sarai railway station towards Varanasi, it would cross the Malviya Rail Bridge. And if it happens to be the sunrise hours, then you have hit the jackpot for sure. The train takes a curve and enters into this bridge. And towards the left it gives a mesmerizing view of the Ganges, Varanasi city and its ghats. You would definitely admire the views and want to rewind it in your memory time and again.

#2: Encounter with the King of the Jungle

The good thing about being a King is that you don’t really care about the onlookers. And that attitude is at large when you traverse through the forested rail route of Veraval to Sasan Gir. While you have to reserve a safari to witness the Lions in Africa, here in India you can have the same privilege while sitting within the train coach! Gir National Park is the only home of Asiatic Lions, and what’s more the train route between Chitrawad and Sasan Gir takes you right through this national park. And on the sides of the rail tracks, many tourists have had the privilege of seeing the grand beasts basking in the sunlight!

#3: Golden Sunset over Thar Desert

If you are a globe trekker, then you must have heard of Namibian Desert Express that chugs through the vast stretches of the Sahara. When you are visiting India, there is a similar experience awaiting you. Book early and get a confirmed PNR status on the Desert Queen. This luxury train covers a vast stretch of the Thar Desert through its journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. If you want an unending train-side view of the desert than a Desert Queen journey would fulfill your wish. Watching the golden sunset onboard this train is an exceptional experience!

#4: Strait line!

Any researched write-up on memorable train journeys in India cannot omit the Chennai-Rameswaram trail. During the last leg of this journey, the train enters the Pamban Bridge. This bridge stretches 2 KM and moves right through the Palk Strait. Surrounded by sea on all sides, moving on a narrow line – the thrill and beauty of this sea ride is second to none. The train chugs at a very slow speed (as a safety precaution) giving you ample scopes to shoot some memorable photographs for your travel portfolio.

So, there are plenty of experiences you can take back home sitting within the compartment of a train itself. But for a hassle free journey experience, do download a popular train travel app from the Google Playstore. Popular Indian train apps would guide you every step of the way through the journey – from showing Live train status, PNR status, coach position, etc. Do keep such an app while you go about your Indian adventure!

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