6 ways to Make the Most of your Frequent Flyer Reward Points Redemption

You have done your part of collecting enough miles, and now it’s time to redeem them. There are tons of ways in which you can redeem your miles, and these ways are very attractive. But, if you do not get the best value of your points, then you’re wasting them. Here’s how to get the most of your collected miles.

Collecting air miles is a job, and you have to be good at it to stack up a good number. However, the task of successfully redeeming these points by getting the maximum out of them is the toughest part. Just like collecting, redeeming miles can also be done without having to fly. You can redeem your miles for many products and services. But not all of them will fetch you the best deal.

Here are some of the best ways to redeem your frequent flyer points.

1. Book a Flight

One way in which redeeming your points will never be a loss is by booking a flight. If you have enough miles collected that can fund your air ticket to wherever you plan on going, this has to be the best deal. However, to be able to reveal your points, you will either have to book way in advance or just a few days before you plan on travelling. At these times, the flights keep the bookings open for redeemers.

2. Avail an Upgrade

Another fantastic way to redeem your points, without having to miss out on their value is by upgrading your seats. Business class tickets are way more expensive when compared to the economy. And if the numbers of miles you have are not enough to book a ticket, seat upgrade is surely a steal deal.

3. Book a Hotel Room

Booking hotel stays provide a decent value for your reward points. You can look for partnering hotels, and check for what they have to offer. You can find many options around the city, close to the airport, or anywhere else you want to stay, book a room by redeeming your points.

4. Fuel at Partner Outlets

Fuel is another excellent, easy, and fantastic way for your reward points redemption. FFPs usually have tie-ups with fuel stations, and they offer great value for every mile spent. All you have to do to redeem your miles is give your flyer number at the time of billing and pay using the miles.

5. Car Rentals

Car rentals provide a decent value for your air miles. Every time you’re travelling, if you rent a car or book a taxi from the list of your host’s partnering companies, you can pay with your miles.

6. Experiences

Another great way to redeem your miles, if you do not have a lot of them stacked up, is by paying for experiences. You could book a spa at the resort you’re staying, go to partnering amusement parks, or take up such services, etc. these experiences and services will also provide you with an excellent deal for your miles.

Mistakes are bound to happen, and you will redeem your miles for something not as valuable also. But, if you learn from mistakes and look for the best and most valuable ways of redeeming your points, then you’re good to go.

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