Why Should You Take Up Snorkeling?

Simply put, snorkeling is one of the most accessible aquatic activities for the whole family. It is simple and fun. Even children can take part and have a great time. In addition, it is an endeavor that is easy to practice. 

The best place to practice is a site with clear waters so that you can observe the marine activity within. A Place such as Komodo Island is the perfect snorkeling destination. Due to the clear waters, Komodo boasts vast varieties of marine life as well as some of the best corals in the world.

If you are yet to be sold to the idea of trying it out, here are some good reasons to take up snorkeling.

It is a Fun and Easy Activity for the Whole Family

As long as everyone in the family can swim, they can snorkel. Young children can do it with a few simple accessories such as:

  • Inflatable noodles
  • Buoys
  • A vest

These will allow them to enjoy snorkeling without getting tired quickly. They will, therefore, be able to stay the water longer and enjoy seeing the varieties of fishes in there.

Snorkeling Equipment is Not Bulky

The equipment required for this activity is minimal. It is therefore easy to pack for when you are preparing to leave for your vacation. It is also easy to travel with whether you are going by air, rail or road.

No Extreme Training Required

Many visitors to Indonesia will recommend Komodo diving as a fun activity to indulge in. However, this one required intense training. Moreover, you will be forced to leave some of the family out.

Snorkeling does not require you to train for hours to get it. Also, you do not have to go deep into the ocean. The children, as well as some of the elderly in your group, can stay on the surface and have a good time.

Mingle with the Marine Life

The waters of Komodo Island are so clear that you can see just about every creature in your line of vision. Experienced snorkelers go deep into the sea and observe the amazing aquatic creatures in their natural habitat.

Some have even been able to swim with species such as the magnificent Manta rays. They have even been able to witness their elegant dances!

It is great Exercise         

Snorkeling, like swimming or cycling, is great exercise. There is some physical effort involved. Whenever you kick your legs, you burn some calories and engage your abdominal muscles. It is, therefore, a fun way to stay in shape.

Taking your family out on a snorkeling trip will ensure they get their exercise even in tropical Indonesia. As a matter of fact, this is a great way to stay cool.

It Gets You Closer to Scuba Diving

Snorkeling requires you to do the following:

  • Stay balanced while in the water
  • Swim using fins
  • Breathe with the aid of a snorkel

The same is required for scuba diving. Thus, if you plan to train for it, you are well on your way if you are able to snorkel.

However, you need a professional to train you for scuba diving. Additionally, you may not learn it one day. Scuba diving is a lot more involving than snorkeling. Consequently, it requires a longer period of training.

The Fundamentals of Snorkeling

To be an effective snorkeler, you must observe a few rules. These include the following:

  • However experienced you are, do not go snorkeling alone
  • Before you go into the water, make sure you have marked your entry and exit points
  • Do not go beyond your physical capacity
  • Ensure the weather is favorable before you get into the water.

Fortunately for you, the weather in Komodo is always conducive.


Snorkeling is arguably the best activity to engage in especially in tropical weather that causes you to sweat. Furthermore, it is something the whole family can enjoy together and create beautiful memories of a wonderful place.

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