Things to Check Before Heading for your Leh Ladakh Road Trip

Road trips to thrilling and beautiful destinations such as Leh Ladakh can provide you with a unique experience. The serene snow-clad mountains amidst the clear blue skies and some exhilarating adventures, away from the chaotic city lifestyle can take all your stress away and offer you some breathtaking moments of peace.

However, to ensure a worry-free vacation, you must always secure your trip with a domestic travel insurance plan or a road trip cover that will come in handy during your journey. 

In the backpack

While Travelling without social media to Leh Ladakh by road, you may find yourself surrounded by mountainous terrains and long winding roads. The weather there can get very unpredictable. So, be prepared to tackle every circumstance and carry gumboots for hiking, rain jackets, woolen sweaters, comforters, gloves, few pairs of woolen socks etc. to keep yourself adequately protected during harsh climatic conditions.

Also, since it’s a road trip, get your car or bike appropriately serviced and carry spare parts and tyres along with you. The phone and camera batteries ought to drain faster on higher altitudes; hence, portable power banks may come in handy. A 3-socket Belkin surge protector would be helpful to charge your phone when you come across charging stations on your way. However, remember to pack light and travel safely.

Medical aid

Before leaving on a road trip, it’s advisable to get the required medical check-ups done. Understanding the limitations and vitals of your body is essential, as it will assist you in carrying the appropriate medications during the road trip.  

Leh Ladakh is at an altitude of 3500 m, which maximizes the chances of dizziness, breathing difficulties and other high-altitude problems. For tackling such scenarios, you must always carry a well-equipped medical kit with you consisting of usual medicines for nausea, painkillers for headache and stomachache, ointments, band-aids, cotton, etc.

Travel Apps

To plan your trip efficiently, you can download some travel apps on your phone. Right from planning the routes to mapping out the itinerary, hotel stays, travel reminders, these apps can help you out in multiple ways. Keep a Leh-Ladakh map handy as the phone batteries may drain out during the trip. Highlighting the eateries, fuel pumps, ATMs, hospitals on the route would be useful.

Also, during travel, it’s a good practice to carry adequate amount of cash, as digital payment options may not be available everywhere. Also, equip yourself with lightweight eatables and fuel cans for unhindered travel.

Camping and Destinations

The entire road trip to Leh Ladakh would be incomplete without camping. Building the tents, sitting by the campfire, enjoying the barbeque and staring at the beautiful sky, can be an enthralling experience. So, it’s prudent to pack up all the camping necessities along with you, or else, you can rent the requirements and enjoy this adventure.

Also, don’t forget to visit the beautiful lakes, valleys, monasteries, historical places, and campsites around Leh Ladakh and amplify this experience by capturing some beautiful scenes during the road trip.

Pack travel insurance

With the Leh Ladakh Road Trip Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv, you can get a high coverage of up to Rs. 3,00,000 by paying a one-time premium of just Rs. 599. It provides 24×7 roadside assistance to help you out if your car breaks down in a remote location while travelling to Leh Ladakh. Other benefits include financial support in case you lose your wallet, emergency hotel assistance, and more.

Travel insurance is one of the necessary avenues you must have to ensure your safety during the trip. Various banks and NBFCs provide road trip insurance in India. For instance, Pocket Insurance by Bajaj Finserv is an affordable insurance solution that can not only cater to your travel insurance requirements, but also provide coverage for your everyday needs such as mobile screen insurance, wallet care, baggage insurance, adventure cover etc.

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