Staying in Sydney with Your Family – 7 Best Things to Do

Sydney is a big city with a variety of things you can do there with your family. From modern architecture to natural landscapes, this is the city that will allow you to really have some quality family time. So, if you are planning on staying in Sydney with your family, here are some of the best things to do.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains is one of the most favorite sites near Sydney that city visitors like to go to and have an active holiday. Besides being a perfect place to hike and see the Three Sisters Peak, this is also a home of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden. The area is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and was established in 1972.

This Botanic Garden is special because it includes cool-climate plants that don’t grow in Sydney due to its warm climate. There is Garden Safari which allows kids to explore the garden and learn about the unusual plants. In the end, they can participate in the quiz and get a prize.

Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Certainly, kids will like to see underwater creatures up close and the ideal place for that is Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. The Aquarium has more than 700 species from water habitats all over Australia. Some of the most interesting themed zones are Shark Walk and Jurassic Seas, but it also offers the largest display of Great Barrier Reef.

The kids are especially fond of the penguin expedition where you go on a boat to find these magnificent animals. Shark Explorer is a boat with a glass for the bottom and it takes the visitors on tour of the Great Barrier Reef display. Oceanarium includes sharks, rays and much different fish, while the last remaining dugong in captivity lives on the Dugong Island.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Opened in 1816, the Royal Botanic Garden is one of the main attractions in Sydney. Located in the center of the city, the Garden occupies 74 acres of land and has over 5,000 plant species with the emphasize on Australian ones.

This is a perfect picnic place to take your kids to and also relax yourself. The kids will have enough space to run and play, but also you can go on a tour and learn something about the plants. The entrance is free and the garden is opened every day, so it’s perfect as a weekend activity.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

A wonderful spot to take your kids is Wendy’s Secret Garden overlooking the Harbour Bridge. You can stay in a nearby accommodation like Good Life Suites and come here to spend the day. The garden is lush and full of greenery like fig trees, palms, flowers, ferns, and herbs.

Picnic tables here are ideal to have a snack with your kids or to play board games with them. Children running around and playing hide and seek is something you can commonly see here. This is a perfect spot to go to in order to escape the city and enjoy some quality time as a family.

Sydney Beaches

You can’t come to Sydney and not visit its beaches since they are one of the most amazing spots for a fun family time. Balmoral Beach is perfect if you have small children since the water is shallow and it’s situated in the sheltered bay. Manly Beach has a lot of cafes and a few playgrounds beside being a good place to get some tan and swim.

But the most famous beach in all Sydney is certainly Bondi. It’s the most popular place to surf, but it also offers a kids ocean pool and playground. Bronte Beach is intended for families with a park and BBQs so that you can go there with friends and give kids space to have fun in the shallow splash zone.

Interactive places

When in Sydney, find some time to visit its locations dedicated to art. Visit Sculptures by the Sea which is an outdoor exhibition at the Bondi Beach. Also, Australian Centre for Photography has interesting photo exhibitions and offers photography courses of all types, so you can apply if you choose to.

Powerhouse Museum is perfect for those kids that like interactive settings and where they can learn a lot of interesting things about science. Australian Museum has dinosaur skeletons and life-sized models, while the Australian National Maritime Museum allows kids to explore a submarine replica. On the other hand, Circus Arts is a perfect place to fly on the trapeze and are available for all ages.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney is located on the shores of Sydney Harbour and has been operational since 1916. It occupies 69 acres with eight regions and over 4,000 animals. This zoo is a perfect family attraction since it has various shows and allows visitors to come close to the animals.

Gamekeepers are always there to tell you a story and point out the most interesting things about the animals. Kids will be able to feed the giraffes and meet koalas, but keep in mind you will have to pay extra for that.

In the end

Do your research before you arrive since that will help you decide what to see and where to go when staying in Sydney with your family. This is a big city with lots of opportunities so it’s always wise to have a plan and choose the best things to do.

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