5 Islands to Plunge into in Jakarta‘s Thousand Islands

“Kepulauan Seribu” literally meaning: the Thousand Islands, Here, in fact, this is the name given to the many tropical islands scattered in the Bay of Jakarta.

But the fact is, there are just 110 islands only, which together form a District, encompassing the Pulau Seribu National Marine Park in the state of Jakarta. This cluster of islands creates a beautiful nautical getaway that ranges from a mere half hour to some 3 hours’ boat journey from the north shore of the capital town.

Listed below are a list of islands to research and also to have fun with the entire family!

  1. Pulau Bidadari

Pulau Bidadari is the closest island to Marina Ancol holiday port, and is only half an hour away by boat, where one can instantly enjoy the photogenic site of Fort Martello, which was constructed in the seventeenth century. The island has a marvellous collection of trees growing naturally on its own fertile soil. Floating cottages are preferred areas to spend your holiday on the island. Unwind and sink your thighs from the sand. Don’t miss to get a taste of the local scrumptious seafood dishes which come fresh from the blue water.

  1. Pulau Ayer

Pulau Ayer hotel offers vacationers the choice to remain either on floating cottages or on land in villas designed along Papua traditional particulars. The hotel was developed from the 50s, and was the retreat for Indonesia’s First President, Soekarno. Complemented will all types of vacation facilities such as restaurants, arcade zone, karaoke, playground, sports field, and massive pools, and these are among fun watersports actions to be tried out on this island.

  1. Pulau Onrust

Pulau Onrust is a small island which hides a historic Dutch fortress along with other remains from the colonial times and now functions as the islands’ museum. The name ‘Onrust’ comes from the Dutch term meaning ‘Unrest’. The island’s history goes back to the 1800s. In time it changed function several times, by being an essential shipyard of the Dutch Eastern India Company, VOC, to becoming a weather station, a sanatorium, a Hajj quarantine, and even as a prison for notorious criminals. Consequently the island retains several traces following its long history.

  1. Pulau Tidung

Spend your weekend on beautiful Pulau Tidung with its renowned Love Bridge, an 800 meters bridge which connects the small Tidung island with the large Tidung. Legend has it got its name of Love Bridge as symbol of the undying hope to find your true love along this path. This bridge is also the ideal place for taking your epic dive shot into the clear ocean.

  1. Pulau Pari

Despite its relatively short distance from Marina Ancol, it’s got a comprehensive island atmosphere. Enjoy leaping right into a traditional fishing boat to cruise around the island. Serene calm white beach with little waves which can soothe you gently. There’s a place known as the Virgin Sands known for its charm charm. A research center has also been established here to examine seaweeds. Don’t miss the Sun Hill, the hotspot for those beautiful skies at which the sun rises and places into the pristine waters.

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