5 Best Destinations for Hipsters in Australia

What is hipster subculture anyway? While it has been marked by middle-class youngster appeal of indie art, thrift-store clothes and progressive political attitudes – in other words, the alternative way of living – it is also becoming increasingly hard to put a finger on how the hipster culture evolves. The best way to get in sync with the pulse of this youthful subculture is to visit these best destinations travel for hipsters in Australia.


Brisbane is a city that has everything. Its gleaming skyline and solid infrastructure did not stop it from becoming an eco-friendly Mecca where people ride bikes to work and back and where young students thrive. It is known as Australia’s culture capital for a good reason. Its gorgeous cafes, pleasant sidewalks, preserved facades and eclectic assembly of stores give it an instant hipster-vibe. You can easily get buzzed on caffeine and shop till you drop off your feet. The inner city, and especially Petrie Terrace are a bona fide hipster paradise.


Byron Bay may be one of the most energy-infused hotspots on the east coast of Australia, considering the cavalcade of music festivals, events and activities one can get involved with, but any true hipster will look for that one obscure location so they can claim they were the first to visit it. Mullumbimby is located just 15 minutes north of Byron Bay, so you can have your cake and eat it too, while enjoying the charms of both towns. The hippie hinterland neighborhood embraces the symbiosis of rural and alternative by offering an assortment of organic grocery stores, a surprisingly vibrant café scene, art galleries and antique shops. It is truly a wonderful surprise and proof that you should never stop exploring Australia’s coastline.


Sydney is both the largest city in Australia (with circa 4.5 million residents) and a multicultural paradise, which are two important ingredients that mix to create a hipster paradise. Freedom of expression in the form of extravagant and daring clothing, thriving art scene and vibrant outdoor markets are only some of the things that you need to check out. Of course, Sydney is home to numerous enchanting accommodations that hit that exact note of outrageousness hipsters yearn for. This boutique Chippendale hotel in Sydney is an ideal example of what hipsters are looking for in a space – a non-franchised, completely unique and eclectic arrangement done with taste. Chasing ‘no other like it’ appeal in items and spaces is one of the hallmarks of hipster subculture, and Sydney surely ticks that box in every conceivable way.


It may appear that the only interesting hipster crannies Australia offers can be found on the coastline, but the captivating hinterland of the Land Down Under also boasts some interesting places. One of such destinations is Bellingen, a concealed modern Mecca for creative types – including artists, musicians and even smaller entrepreneurs. In a way, it is a wondrous think tank of hipsters that comes with an irresistible menu of original meals and (of course) coffee shops.


The sleek city of Melbourne has that coffee culture every hipster dreams about and a number of boutiques that offer items and clothes which are to die for. The suburb of Fitzroy is a treasure trove of captivating hotspots and interesting activities to partake in. You can merely walk around without doing anything special, and you will be treated with some of the most mesmerizing street art you’ll likely ever see. Of course, if you are hitting Melbourne’s ‘notorious’ café scene, you need to check out its stellar rooftop bars. If we are to point out a singular rooftop-extravaganza you have to have a taste of, head to the Naked in the Sky terrace and have a double-feature-whammy of rooftop cafes by visiting Naked for Satan below. The view from both joints is breathtaking.

Once you get a truly genuine feel of what hipster subculture is all about, it becomes quite apparent why young people are so drawn to it. While it may seem naïve or even laughable to hardened and cynical individuals, it is hard to resist the fluid and free-spirited appeal of what hipsterism is all about – which is perfectly reflected on the sidewalks of these Australian destinations.

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