Discover These 5 Unusual Beaches As Soon As Possible

As summer is just around the corner and most of us are planning for summer vacations. Summer is not only about light clothes but it demands several water-based activities. Due to this reason, most people are heading towards pools and beaches. You can enjoy water and sand on beach and it is a complete activity for kids, adults, and every age group. You can do swimming, surfing, boating, paddle boarding, and other water-related actions on your favorite beach. In this guide, we are going to discuss the most unusual beaches in the world that definitely makes your summer vacation tremendous. With the support of Etihad promo code, you can book your tickets in advance at discounted cost. Customers can obtain this phenomenal promotion from Keep reading to discover the five unusual beaches and enjoy the summer vacations with your loved ones.

The Jervis Bay, Australia:

This beach displays some beautiful light at night due to the chemical reactions. It is really a spectacular view that looks completely magical. It becomes luminescent at night and the marine creatures also look glowy. You can also consider this beach for romantic nights due to its overall ambiance and scenes. You can also perform different fun water activities. It is really close to Sydney and you can unearth this beach without any problem.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, USA:

This beach is best known for its McWay Falls. The cave is really unique and beautiful too. It is really difficult to reach on this beach that’s why it is a major tourist attraction. Nearly millions of tourists visit this beach every year. The water and cave is really mesmerizing and attract a lot of visitors. You can go anytime because the water flows all year round.

Algarve, Portugal:

This beach is really unusual because of its grottoes and limestone caves. You can explore this dramatic shore by hiking or with the help of a boat ride. It is a really a stunning view and looks like a doorway of this beach. What is more? It is really easy to travel to any country with the utilization of Etihad promo code which is presented for loyal users at In this way, you will acquire immense concession on flight costs.

Cathedral Cove Beach, New Zealand:

It is considered as the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions in the world. Travelers love its rocky coves that give impressive views from different angles. From kayaking to swimming and snorkeling, you can do various water activities on this beach. With stunning caves, it is really a picturesque beach.

Black Sandy Beaches, Hawaii:

The sand of this beach is black that is a result of constant volcanic activities. That’s why it is a most famous beach due to its color. You can also see the marine life on this beach in the form of basking turtles. Manage your travel expenses with the exploitation of Etihad promo code and

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