Travel guide for Lake Baikal Explorers

After you’ve thought it over for some time you’ve at last chosen to spend your occasions in Siberia, at Lake Baikal. Here’s some guidance to guarantee that you will have an awesome time here and will make your stay here considerably more agreeable.

Dresses and atmosphere

The atmosphere in Siberia is strongly mainland; this means there are huge drops among day by day and night temperatures. In the mid-year months make certain to pack some light summer garments and in addition warm garments. There are constantly chilly breezes on the lakes shore, so you’ll certainly require a coat. The sun is warm, yet it doesn’t feel also warm due to the breeze.

Dress in layers on the off chance that you will be dynamic outside – a difference in warm clothing Additionally make sure to have warm socks and agreeable shoes since you’ll walk a great deal. In summer some light trekking boots or shoes will be sufficient.


The most straightforward is to bring your typical bank card. There are parts of the most well-known Russian banks in the Irkutsk Oblast. In the greater part of Irkutsk’s general stores, shopping centers, lodgings, and bistros you can pay with your Visa and MasterCard cards; there are a few ATMs and terminals that you can use for Union Pay.

Wellbeing and Security

It is very sheltered in Siberia, yet you ought to obviously be sensible about Baikal tours  – you wouldn’t stroll down dim avenues with a huge entirety of cash at home and you shouldn’t do it here either. Individuals here are benevolent. Vacationers for the most part say that in Irkutsk there more English talking individuals, at that point in Moscow or in Saint-Petersburg. Individuals in Irkutsk are more useful and loquacious.

Medicinal services

You would be insightful to have along an emergency treatment pack; make sure to bring along every one of the meds you require. In the event that you foresee completing a great deal of climbing, bear in mind to take court mortar.

Ticks are particularly dynamic amid the long periods of May and June. Travel Ticks are little 8-legged creature, they require blood dinners to finish their mind boggling life cycles. Ticks will in general connect themselves to their hosts and feed for a considerable length of time or even days. They are hazardous in light of the fact that some of them (very few) are transmitters of ailments, for example, tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme sickness. Ticks don’t hop or fly, they basically connect with their legs and snatch or creep onto a host that is the reason it’s smarter to tuck coats and shirts into pants and pants into socks.

Portable interchanges

The majority of the 4 Russian government portable administrators work in the Irkutsk oblast. MTS and Megafon likewise have 4G capacity. Rostelecom has the biggest zone of inclusion and that is the reason we suggest it as your versatile supplier. On the off chance that you are going to going outside of this locale, you can get a Yota slim-card. There is typically complimentary wireless internet with great association speed in the urban areas.

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